About Us

 The University of Mary Washington Center for Economic Development collaborates with business, government, education, and private parties to promote personal, professional and economic growth by  advancing knowledge through entrepreneurship, small business development, innovation and competitiveness, research and analysis, and outreach and engagement.slide 1

The primary role of the UMW Center for Economic Development (CED), which includes the University’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), is to assist the regional jurisdictions in their efforts to promote economic development of approach to access their intellectual capital will further benefit the region and the Commonwealth through focused engagement and analysis. UMW’s faculty and students are already engaged in the region in multiple ways, but this “one-stop shop” functions as a central point of contact to connect our faculty and students, particularly those in the College of Business with regional initiatives and businesses seeking their assistance.


The University of Mary Washington Center for Economic Development is home to many programs and each offers the community, students, and businesses the resources, networking guides, and location for many needs in the regional area. Below is a list programs offered at the Center and who it is geared towards.

StartUpUMW offers students at the University of Mary Washington to bring their entrepreneurial spirit and speak with real entrepreneurs in the area to network and see how they got started. Click the logo to learn more and apply.


EagleWorks is a program offered to the community in which Entrepreneurs need a space to get their business up and running. It provides a knit group of professionals always eager to help. Click the logo to learn more and apply. eagle-logo