1. 2016 Business Reference Guide

A Web Accessible Resource Compilation for Virginia Businesses. This resource was originally compiled in 2010 as a research tool for business owners and businesses. It  catalogs and organizes the various internet accessible business resources within the myriad subject matter concerning the Virginia business owner.

2. Listing of Virginia Non-Traditional Business Investment, Funding, and Financing Companies and Sources

Are you a business interested in pursuing private investment?  Would you like to learn more about debt financing options? This Guide can provide you with this information along with other tools to help you succeed in your funding or financing quest.  Take your first steps into the private investment market or non-traditional debt financing arena by downloading this guide.

3. VBIA Virginia State Business Incubation Program Directory

The UMW Center for Economic Development compiled this list of state business incubator programs for the Virgina Business Incubation Association (VBIA).  Location, management organization, areas of specialization, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) availability, and contact information are included for over forty locations throughout the state.

4. Export and International Trade Guide

Are you a business interested in pursuing international market channels?  This booklet from our January 22nd Export Summit can provide you with some of the tools to succeed.  Contained within are the agenda and presentation of our expert speakers discussing topics relevant to International Trade. Take your first steps into the Global Market by downloading our Export and International Trade Guide from the Fredericksburg Regional Export Summit.

Download Export Guide Part1

Download Export Guide Part2