UMW VOBER Member Recognized as Virginia Small Business Veteran of the Year


Mr. Fred Wellman, (LTC-ret.) CEO and Founder of ScoutComms B-Corp, was recognized for the Virginia Small Business Veteran of the Year achievement at the 2016 Veterans in Business Conference. A graduate of West Point and the Kennedy School at Harvard University, Fred launched ScoutComms as a premier communications, advocacy and philanthropic strategy firm focused entirely on supporting veterans, military families and the organizations that empower them. He noted,"I wanted to make a difference. The way we approach advocacy for our veterans is made more real by our Benefit Corporation status. It represents a transparency and accountability that inspires how we do business. It is how we can influence a movement." During his over twenty years in the Army, Wellman served as an officer in aviation and public affairs. He founded ScoutComms in November 2010 upon recognizing the lack of military veterans in the public relations agency sector. His professional clients have included, and include, … [Read more...]

Bill McAvinney presents at the January Veteran Owned Small Business Executive Roundtable


Bill McAvinney met with VOBER members at the January meeting to discuss how employee retention, business continuity and estate strategies can assure business valuation and succession potential. There was particular attention to topics relevant for Federal contracting firms. McAvinney noted, "Contractors struggle with balancing their direct and indirect cost allocations with their ability to retain good employees and make a profit." He further shared that business continuity requires executives to work on their companies but also build the case for succession. "Good planning improves management succession and retirement value for business owners." The Veteran Owned Business Executive Roundtable at the UMW Center for Economic Development is a peer advisory group that engages business owners for purposes of learning new approaches and solutions to business problems and challenges. Learn more at . … [Read more...]

Veterans Encore Entrepreneurship Event Hosted at UMW Center for Economic Development

Area veterans attended the Veterans Encore Entrepreneurship event at the UMW Center for Economic Development on Veteran's Day. Veterans Dianna Flett, Army Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Ian Denny, USMC Cbt. Engr. (Ret.) shared their experiences in opening businesses in the Fredericksburg area. Both encouraged the prospective owners to do their homework and to take advantage of the resources offered by the UMW SBDC before taking the plunge into business ownership. Dianna Flett noted, "As veterans we have unique skill sets and a unique mindset that focuses us on mission accomplishment. Our focus and drive is truly battle tested." For more information on the SBDC please see . … [Read more...]