Non-Accounting Financial Plan Considerations

Non-Accounting Financial Plan Considerations consulting is provided by Lamont Brown.


Lamont Brown is an Investment Consultant with Infinex who specializes in helping business owners meet their financial challenges.  As a Financial Advisor for the past four years Lamont focused on both the business and personal financial needs of the local business community.

Prior to becoming a financial advisor Lamont served in the Marine Corps for fifteen years.  After leaving the Marine Corps Lamont worked as a Systems Engineer/Project Manager for Government Contractors.  These experiences  have prepared Lamont to advise business owners on their unique and complex needs.  Lamont helps business owners organize their financial lives, manage their financial risks, develop sucesion plans and prepare for retirement.

Lamont has a Masters of Science degree from George Washington University in Systems Engineering and he actively serves the local community through his work with Rotary and other volunteer organizations.

Lamont has been happily married for over 22 years and has two teenage sons.  Outside of helping his clients achieve their goals Lamont enjoys running and eating at local restaurants.