5 Myths of Estate Planning for Entrepreneurs

                                                                 October 20th from 9:00am – 10:30am

Business owners face unique challenges when it comes to estate planning, as they have to make decisions regarding the future of their business. Many business owners have a desire to pass their businesses on to their children and leave behind a legacy that will continue. They need guidance in how to do that in a manner which will preserve the wealth they have worked so hard to create. A business owner also has to decide what happens to the business when the children don’t want it and make succession plans in the event he or she dies suddenly or is incapacitated.

The seminar will discuss the most common reasons or myths on why people don’t prepare estate planning and help owners to understand how important estate planning is to the future of their business. Topics covered will include.

  • Estate Planning Myths
  • Understanding Wills
  • Holding Title in Joint Tenancy
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Other important Estate Planning Issues.

Presenter: Attorney Gabriela Coronado, Coronado Law Office

Fee: $30


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