Employment Law 101: Basics Every Employer Should Know


November 12, 2014

9:30am – 12:30pm

Presented by:

Randy C. Sparks, Jr


Employment Law 101:  Basics Every Employer Should Know

Randy Sparks, Jr. is a member of the Labor and Employment Law Practice Group at Kaufman & Canoles. He concentrates his practice in employment litigation, representing employers in employment discrimination, sexual harassment, breach of employment contract, non-compete, and wage and hour claims before various state and federal courts and administrative agencies. Randy also advises and trains clients on lawful employment practices and other workplace issues.

During the Employment Law 101 seminar, Randy will address the following topics:

1.    Recruiting and Interviewing

2.    Hiring

  •     Employee or Independent Contractor?
  •     Use of Offer Letters and Employment Agreements
  •     Non-Competes and Restrictive Covenants
  •     At-Will Employment
  •     Background Checks

3.    Orientation

  •     Required Employment Documents
  •     Handbook and Personnel Policies

4.    Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

  •     EEO Laws and Protections
  •     EEOC Process
  •     Reasonable Accommodation

5.    Wage and Hour Issues

  •     Fair Labor Standards Act – Minimum Wage, Hours Worked, Overtime
  •     State Pay Laws
  •    Deductions from Pay

6.    Employee Leave

  •     Family and Medical Leave
  •     Military Leave
  •     Workers’ Comp and Disability Leave
  •     Civic Duty Leave
  •     Paid Leave – Sick, Vacation, and Holiday

7.    Basic Benefits Laws

8.    Discipline and Termination

  •     Best Practices
  •    Unemployment Benefits

Fee: $40.00

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