Develop Your Basic Social Media Marketing Strategy

December 10th, 2014

9:00am – 11:30am

University of Mary Washington Center for Economic Developmentsocial media

Social Media Marketing Basics

Answer the questions: “how can social media marketing benefit my business,” “what are the best social media options for my business,” and “how can I create a social media marketing strategy?”

This workshop is designed for small business owners who are not currently using social media to market their businesses and those who are not using social media effectively. It will help business owners navigate the many social media options available to them, determine which are the most useful for their businesses, set their social media marketing goals, and measure whether their goals are being met.

Topics covered:new

  •     Benefits of social media
  •     Social media best practices
  •     Overview of the most popular social media marketing tools
  •     Creating a social media strategy
  •     Managing and measuring social media marketing

Fee: $30.00

Deadline to register, December 3rd

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