Workshops at Northern Neck Small Business Incubator

HP LIFE Seminar

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Then reserve a seat in one or more of the scheduled workshops. These workshops combine business with technology and allow you to experience hands-on activities. You will leave the workshop with knowledge you can start using immediately when you return to your business. There is a $20 Registration/Material fee per workshop. For additional information or to register for any of the workshops please contact our office at (804) 333-0286 or email us at


There is a $20 Material fee per workshop for the followings:

Please make checks payable to: UMW-SBDC


October 7th and 14th

Make Your Vision a Reality: Tools to Writing an Effective Business Plan

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in business for a while, having a business plan is useful in gauging the success of your business, an important tool to seek financing, or to market your business.

This two-part workshop covers the development of the narrative and financial forecasting portions of a business plan. Topics include research techniques, for-mat, writing methods and supporting documents, the balance sheet, the in-come statement, the resource requirement list, the tools, techniques and methodologies needed for efficiently and accurately forecasting business financial results and a cash flow analysis.

Targeted audience: Designed for all levels of business. At the completion of the workshops you will have the knowledge and tools needed to create a business plan.


October 21st

Creating a Financial Forecast

Business owners will learn how to forecast financial results . and learn to efficiently and accurately produce future financial results. A six-step process will be discussed along with a review of the forms, formats and tools needed. Case studies will be included.

Targeted audience: Designed for all levels of business.


November 4th

Creating a Financial Plan for Your Business

Once you’ve properly forecasted your business’ finances the next step is to design a plan. This workshop introduces businesses to the necessities for writing the financial section of a business plan. Businesses are introduced to the importance of financial planning, understanding the difference between liquidity and profitability and will be introduced to the use of financial documents needed to identify liquidity and the profitability of their business. Among these, students have the opportunity to look at the Income statement in more depth.

Targeted audience: Designed for start-ups and established businesses.


November 11th

Expense Tracking Using Spreadsheets

This workshop focuses on business expense tracking for managing finances and maintaining regular financial health check ups. With an introduction to both licensed and open source electronic spreadsheet software, business owners will learn: how to create an expense table; learn how to use a series of automatic formulas of varying complexity, and are introduced to the concept of relative and absolute references; and are introduced to the concept of Pivot Tables for summarizing annual business expenses.

Targeted audience: Designed for start-ups and existing businesses.


November 18th

Steps to Managing Business Cash Flow

Cash flow statements are useful tools for forecasting and considering different business scenarios. Businesses will learn how to leverage spreadsheet software programs to create cash flow statements and develop links between the cash flow statement spreadsheet and spreadsheets containing other financial data.

Targeted audience: Designed for all levels of business.


December 2nd

The ABC’s of Accounting

Learn and familiarize yourself with the ac-counting principles and concepts relevant in performing accounting procedures. Learn the accounting equation: Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity. Topics to be covered are T-accounts and their uses in ac-counting. Case studies will be included.

Targeted audience: Start-up and/or existing businesses interested in learning the fundamentals of accounting.


December 9th


This topic introduces centralized accounting management for small companies. Discussion includes how growth in small businesses affects financial record keeping, the inefficiencies of data entry, the do’s and don’ts of financial records keeping, and concepts of integrated accounting. Hands-on instruction include: organizing using soft-ware tools; completing a full sales order and purchase process through role playing. The business owner will leave with an under-standing of an integrated accounting tool and the benefits for his/her business..

Targeted audience: Established small business owners.


All workshops will be held from 6:00 — 8:00 pm at the Northern Neck Small Business Incubator

10919 Northumberland Hwy, Heathsville , VA (old Paul Jones car lot in Horse Head).


For additional information or to register for any of the workshops contact: Bonnie Haywood (804)333-0286 or