Workshops offered at RCC Kilmarnock Center

Location: Rappahannock Community College – Kilmarnock


January 15th – So You Want to Start Your Own Business – Time: 10:00am – Noon

This workshop is designed to provide the attendees with some of the basics to consider when starting a business.  It will provide the basic of self-evaluation, the idea, Entrepreneurship, defining the need, determining the feasibility and what actions are necessary.  Fee: $25


January 22nd - Writing a Business Plan – Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

The Business Plan Workshop, Parts I & II, will cover the development of the narrative and financial forecasting portions of a business plan.  Topics include research techniques, format, writing methods and supporting documents, the balance sheet, the income statement, the resource requirement list, the tools, techniques and methodologies needed for efficiently and accurately forecasting business financial results and a cash flow analysis.  Fee: $50


For additional information or to register for any of the above workshops please contact our office at (804)333-0286 or email us at or