Workshops offered at RCC Kilmarnock Center

HP LIFE Seminars

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Then reserve a seat in one or more of the scheduled workshops. These workshops combine business with technology and allow you to experience hands-on activities. You will leave the workshop with knowledge you can start using immediately when you return to your business. There is a $20 Registration/Material fee per workshop. For additional information or to register for any of the workshops please contact our office at (804)333-0286 or email us at

 5/27/2014 – Website Management – 1:00-3:00pm

This topic seeks to introduce students to the basics of website management, so that they can maintain and update their business websites on their own, without having to rely on outside help, and understand all the steps involved in planning, designing, building, positioning, promoting, and maintaining a website. The topic helps students understand the benefits a website can bring to even the smallest business and gives them the opportunity to practice editing a real business website. Students learn how to add and remove different types of content, how to organize content, and how to change graphics and navigational elements. In the most advanced part of the exercise, students learn how to manage CSS styles. More importantly, the topic does not cover coding or go into unnecessary technical detail.

 6/10/2014 Basics of Finance – 1:00-3:00pm

This topic introduces students to basic finance concepts and gives them the opportunity to apply these concepts to a real business case. Students do so by conducting a Break-Even Analysis in LibreOffice Calc ( which allows them to learn about finance and to understand the fundamental features of electronic spreadsheets.

 6/17/2014 Financial Plan -1:00-3:00pm

This topic introduces students to the initial steps necessary for writing up the Financial section of a Business Plan.  Students are introduced to the importance of financial planning by understanding the difference between liquidity and profitability. They are then exposed to different financial documents that they can use to assess both the liquidity and the profitability of their business. Among these, students have the opportunity to look at the Income statement in more depth. They learn about the calculations implied in the different sections of an Income statement, and then practice building one on the basis of an existing template. In particular, students learn how to use LibreOffice Calc ( to insert numerical data and make different types of simple calculations, all of which can be used for building other types of financial documents too.

6/24/2014 Expense Tracking – 1:00-3:00pm

This topic focuses on the importance of expense tracking for managing finances and keeping an eye on the financial health of a business.  Students are introduced to both licensed and open source electronic spreadsheet software in which they learn how to create an expense table for a real business. Students learn how to use a series of automatic formulas of varying complexity, including Autosum, Autofill, SUMIF and COUNTIF, and are introduced to the notion of relative and absolute references. They have the opportunity to learn how to apply formatting to the table, including conditional formatting. In the more advanced part of the exercise, students are introduced to the concept of Pivot Tables for summarizing annual business expenses.  Students understand the importance of expense tracking for reining in spending and having an overview of the business’s cash flow. They also discuss the series of steps they need to take in order to manage their expenses efficiently.


For additional information or to register for any of the above workshops please contact our office at (804)333-0286 or email us at or