UMW Innovators Club

club meeting

2014 Officers

Candace Cross, President


candace cross

  Chris Miller, Vice President


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Miranda Martin, Secretary


miranda martin

Anna Richman, Treasurer


Anna Richman


Fall-Winter Calendar

November 13, 2013:  Jamie Bowling, President and Business Development Officer – Valour Leading Edge Solutions

November 20, 2013:  Joy Crump – Vice President and Master Chef, Foode Restaurant

November 20, 2013:  Beth Black –President and Business Development Officer, Foode Restaurant


2013-14 Club Goals

  1. Increase Membership and Engagement

  2. Grow the Eagle Startup Challenge 3.0 for March 15, 2014

  3. Increase the number of guest entrepreneurs

  4. Build cross-university club relationships

For more information contact Candace Cross at