Payroll Process: Understanding and Managing

This seminar is intended for small business owners and government contractors from understanding and managing payroll, hiring, to full compliance. The instructor, Greg Llinas, covers the process such as dealing with payroll compliance at the Federal, State and local level.

Topics Discussed are:

  • Differences between Salaries and Wages
    • What is on Salary
    • Exempt vs Non-Exempt: who regulates
  • Hourly Rate Compliance: how it varies by each State
    • What to pay and what is subject to regulations
    • 1099 vs W-2: what are my options
  • Payroll Compliance: Who is responsible
    • IRS
    • State: operating in multiple states
    • Local Taxes
  • How much each Employee is costing me:
    • Direct Cost, Indirect Cost, other Cost related to Employees
  • How payroll providers can help me with Compliance matters
    • What payroll companies are doing for my company

TIME: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

FEE: $50.00

LOCATION1125 Jefferson Davis Highway

INSTRUCTOR: Gregory Llinas, founder of GL-Solutions

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Gregory Llinas, is the founder of GL – Solutions, 8(a) SWaM business specializing in accounting, financial management, program and project planning and control. Mr. Llinas has more than 25 years  of experience in the Federal Government Contracting, has managed over half a dozen organization at the executive level, including Business Development, Operations Management, and Executive Leadership.

Payments are non-refundable. For more information, please contact the UMW SBDC office at (540) 654-1383.