Introduction to Selling to the Commonwealth of Virginia

A Vendor’s Perspective

This session will provide a high level overview of the Commonwealth’s purchasing process, including purchasing policies that affect how buyers use the eVA system to “shop.”  You’ll also learn more about the valuable eVA tools available-like creating a catalog and a high level look at eVA’s FREE Public Reports (who’s buying what you sell, prices being paid & more!). If you’re not already an eVA registered Vendor, you’ll learn how to get signed-up, as well as where to go for help.

Navigating eVA’s Free Public Reports

This interactive session will provide a live demo and walk thru of eVA’s Public Reports.  You’ll learn how to identify buyers who are buying what you sell, determine prices being paid for goods/services you provide, determine who’s getting business (is it you or your  competition) and more!

  • Fee: $30.00
  • Dates and Times: Click on Register tab
  • Speaker: Kim Madison

KimAbout the speaker:
Kim Madison joined the eVA Project Team in August 2009 as eVA’s Outreach & Marketing Coordinator.  She brings with her more than 15 years of marketing and communication experience in the private sector.  As a member of the project team, one of Kim’s primary objectives is to educate businesses on the benefits of eVA and help them navigate Virginia’s purchasing process.


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