Tips to Make Your Cash Register Ring for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is almost here. For some consumers and retailers, it has already arrived. Below are a few tips to maximize your holidays sales. Many can be implemented all year long. These ideas are as valid now as they were 20 years ago when I had my shop, glave & company, on Caroline Street in Fredericksburg. Below are some ideas:

  • It’s the time of year to bring in higher end merchandise. Consider expanding into a higher price point for a specific line that your customers love. They love being part of something unique and only available during the holidays.
  • Who doesn’t love stocking stuffers? Your guests love small items that will fit into a stocking. Give them ideas and purchase inventory with this in mind.
  • It can’t be any easier for the shopper if you prewrapped items in your brand. Showcase the item alongside a display of prewrapped gifts. Picking up more than one for hostess and teacher gifts becomes easy for your guest. Become known as the Tiffany’s for your brand with your packaging.
  • This is the time of year to increase your hours. Holidays can account for 40% of your year end sales. Make it count! We always had great luck with later hours on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • An easy up way to add sales is to place add ons near the register. Add ons are small, unique gifts, typically at a low price point, located near the register. They can sell themselves, be an easy suggestion as a finishing touch to their package or a small treat for them.
  • The Holidays can be stressful. Have fun during the holidays by creating fun activities and games for your employees.
  • A Wish List for your guests is an easy way to solve the question “What does (insert name here) like?” when their best friend or partner is shopping for that extra special gift. It shows you care about your guests.
  • Keep a close watch on your inventory. Know your best sellers. With shortages expected this Holiday season, bring your product in early. Preschedule deliveries throughout the season.
  • Signage is critical this time of year. It’s the silent voice answering questions. Signage should match your brand and answer questions – What is it? How much is it? Ideas for usage?

I always enjoyed the Holiday Season as a store owner. It gives one flexibility in new product lines, creativity in marketing, and fun packaging and display ideas. Your guests are in a happy mood, and you can solve their shopping needs. Wishing all small business owners lots of noise this holiday season.

Ann Glave is the executive director for Fredericksburg VA Main Street Inc. She was the owner of glave & company specializing in handcrafted jewelry and crafts in Ashland and Fredericksburg from 1998 to 2005.